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23rd  European English Teachers' Seminar - 15th - 21st July 2012

  Picture of Ealing Cricket Club

             Sunday Evening
             A Welcome Evening for the participants
             of the English Teachers' Seminar was
             held at Ealing Cricket Ground.

Ealing campus of Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College

              Most course sessions took place
at the Ealing campus of the Ealing,
Hammersmith & West London College.

Course leader was Sarah Davies

Course leader was Sarah Davies,
Head of English at a private girls' school.

Dr Tony Thorne leads a session on Developments in the English Language

Dr Tony Thorne delivered two sessions on Developments in the English Language and Slang and other colloquial uses of English. Dr Thorne is Language and Innovation Consultant at the Language Centre at King's College, University of London and founder of their Slang and New Language Archive.

Monday Evening
English Teachers' Seminar visiting the National Theatre
The group took part in a tour of the three theatres
the National Theatre - the Olivier, Lyttelton and Cottesloe on the south bank of the River Thames.

Poet Patience Agbabi

Tuesday Morning
Renowned Poet Patience Agbabi led a session
on Using Poetry in the Classroom and
impressed the English teachers with her
striking and iconic poetry.

English Teachers' Seminar

    Tuesday Afternoon

    Modern Fiction in the Classroom - Stephen Dace

    Former Head of English at an independent college,
    Stephen has just finished writing his first novel.
    Stephen led a session which looked at ways of
    using texts in the classroom for both creative
    and analytical work.

Kieran McGovern leading a session on the British Education System

        Wednesday Morning
        Kieran McGovern - British Education System
        A lecturer in Teaching English as a Foreign Language,
        Kieran looked at some of the philosophies and
        controversies underlying education in Britain.

Teachers at the European Teachers' Seminar

Wednesday Afternoon

Delegates had the opportunity to divide into
small groups and discuss successful
lesson plans, best practice in the classroom
and discuss issues of concern.

Sandra Agard creatively writing poetry with ETS participants

Thursday Morning
     Creative Writing in the Classroom – Sandra Agard
     A writer and storyteller, Sandra runs regular                          storytelling, creative writing and reading development       sessions in the community and has published
poetry, short stories and plays.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Thursday Afternoon
Workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
After a guided tour of the Globe playhouse,
one of the resident actors examined the way
they approach Shakespeare’s plays. Through
exercises, techniques and practical exploration,
participants learned how to encourage their
to work with the Elizabethan language
of Shakespeare’s 
time and engage with the text
as a script for performance.

Professor Anthony Glees

Friday Morning
British Politics – Professor Anthony Glees from the University of Buckingham and director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies.
Prof Glees
is well known for his extensive work broadcasting and writing about European affairs and German politics. Discussion centred on the current political situation in Britain.

Friday Lunchtime
Plenary Lunch - Seminar participants shared a final lunch together and teachers received a Certificate of Attendance and evaluated the week’s sessions.